Help at the Courthouse

There are many ways to get help at the courthouse. Please understand that court staff cannot take sides or give legal advice but they can point you in the right direction.

Services are available to help you understand the process and provide direction for other services you may need. Most of the services below are free and open to anyone who does not have a lawyer and no appointments are needed.

Please check with your local court to find out what services are available in your area.

Court Self-Help Centers
Some courts have Self-Help Centers located in the courthouse to assist people who do not have a lawyer. These offices are staffed by clerks and court staff who provide information and procedural assistance, offer referrals and give out court forms and written information.

Law Libraries
Law Libraries located around the state are open to the public and offer access to legal research databases. Law Librarians can help you research your case but are not permitted to give legal advice. Find a law library near you.

Court Clerks
Your local Clerk of Court’s office can answer your questions about paper and/or electronic filing procedures and filing fees.

Some Clerk’s of Court have self-help forms and other general information. To locate your Clerk’s office, use the FIND A CLERK feature on the following website:

Lawyers and Legal Help in Your Area
Learn how to find free and low-cost legal help. Many lawyers provide a few minutes of their time for an initial consultation at reduced or no cost to you. This gives you the chance to decide if you would want to hire a lawyer or to represent yourself.

If you are considering talking to a lawyer, visit the Legal Services & Resources page for links to websites offering low or no cost legal assistance.

The Florida Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service provides referrals to lawyers who will conduct an initial one-half hour office consultation at a low cost. The service can be accessed by phone or online.

Free Childcare Services & Waiting Rooms
Several courthouses in Miami-Dade County and in Orange County provide a drop-in child care center for children whose families have business with the court.

A children’s waiting room in Manatee County is available for children while parents or guardians await hearing times.

Getting Court Records and Case Information
The Clerk of Court can help you find court records and provide information about your case.

Language Help (Interpreters)
If you cannot speak English well, learn about court interpreter services to help you.

Americans with Disabilities (ADA)
Each court has a person available to help people with disabilities. Find contact information, how a request is made and handled, and learn about the services and aids that courts can provide.

Please check with your local court for more information.

Mediation: Resolving a case out of Court
Find out about ways to work out your dispute without having to go before a judge. Please contact the Family Court Manager in the circuit where the case is filed. You may also contact one of the local self-help centers for this request.

Please check with your local court for more information.