Nonlawyer Assistance

Example of Nonlawyer Section on forms

If a nonlawyer helped you fill out a form, he/she must fill in the blanks found at the bottom of the form.

[fill in all blanks] This form was prepared for the: {either Petitioner or Respondent; or Husband or Wife}

This form was completed with the assistance of:

{name of individual }________(1)________________________,

{name of business} _____________(2)____________________________________________________,

{address}                                            (3)                          ,

{city}      (4)______________,{state}                      (5){telephone number} _(6)____________________.

This section should be completed by anyone who helps you fill out these forms but is not an attorney who is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar, which means that he or she is not licensed to practice law in Florida.

Line 1 The nonlawyer who helps you should type or print his or her name on line 1.

Lines 2–6 The nonlawyer’s business name, address, (including street, city, state, and telephone number) should be typed or printed on lines 2–6.

NOTE: In addition, a Disclosure from Nonlawyer, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12.900(a), should be completed if a nonlawyer assists you.  The disclosure is available as a family law form and should be completed before the nonlawyer helps you.  This is to be sure that you understand the role and limitations of a nonlawyer. You and the nonlawyer should keep a copy of this disclosure for your records.